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Where: Located in Northern Mozambique in the Quirimbas Archipelago, Ibo Island is like taking a step back in time. The island itself has several hundred residents who live peacefully, mostly in one main village. Access to the lodge is a short 15 minute flight by small plane to the island. There are several historic forts on the island, and a short walking tour is the best way to learn about the history and importance of this island.

When: Ibo Island Lodge, consisting of three historic villas lovingly transformed into a beautiful boutique hotel, is an ideal first stop on an African itinerary. The pools and atmosphere of the island are supremely relaxing, and it’s a perfect first step into Africa. Relax after a long international flight, learn a bit about a unique culture and spend some time in the Indian Ocean before heading off on safari. Direct flights from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania into Pemba, Mozambique make this an easy combination with East Africa’s safari game parks.

Who: Ibo Island Lodge is for travelers who want to really feel like they are in Africa… not the Caribbean, Hawaii or any other nameless beach destination. History oozes from the walls at Ibo Island Lodge, and no two days or experiences are the same. Travelers can make a plan that suits their desires and activities are abundant.

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Majestic Namibia

We are proud to call this majestic country part of the launch and The Villa Margherita part of our family of boutique hotels.

Villa Margherita offers exquisite accommodation for connoisseurs looking for a truly remarkable retreat in Swakopmund on the Atlantic coast of Namibia. This beach retreat town has German colonial architecture. Villa Margherita has been completely renovated and refurbished by owners Claudine and Amelio, before opening for guests in March 2008. Unique offerings include an organic bistro open throughout the day, spa massages and laptops and DVDs for guests’ enjoyment.

Nambia Highlights:
Namibia has the largest canyon in Africa (second largest in the world) called Fish River Canyon, the largest population of cheetahs on earth and the only known desert elephants, which adapted to desert conditions. Namibia has one of the lowest population densities of persons per square kilometer, which creates a sense of untouched wilderness conditions. Adventure seekers and photographers alike flock to some of the world’s highest sand dunes which are one of the main attractions in Namibia.’s Special Places: El Pedral Lodge

What: We know we need to ‘wow’ the follower with our first Latin America property we are featuring. This Special Place is a destination some could only picture in their wildest dreams much less visit. El Pedral Lodge is the ultimate utopia for the adventure traveler or someone who wants to get away from it all. The lodge could be described as simple elegance, which doesn’t try to compete with the natural beauty and marine wildlife you will experience being here.

Where: El Pedral is located on Punta Ninfas on the Patagonian coast in Argentina. This Norman style house was built in the 19th century has been in the family for four generations. As the owners of the lodge tell us “It’s name comes from a very special formation, a large area covered by stones which ends in the sea framed by spectacular cliffs.” This is a relaxed, sophisticated and authentic place is the quintessential boutique destination. We love this place for the “harmony between man and nature.”

Who: Those who wish to be submerged in Patagonian life will discover the magic of this place. It has the ‘best seats in the house’ on Peninsula Valdes for whale watching and the whales will sing you to sleep at night. Almost as if on cue, a pod of killer whales will appear near the beaches for your observation and marvel. Sea lions will delight you with their curiosity and playfulness. Elephant seals and penguins are also a part of the spectacle, which is accessible from the lodge.

When: The activities are plentiful and vary depending on what time you visit. August and September you can watch as the Southern Right Whales swim very close to the beach for mating and birthing. In November, March and April, Orcas are known to be searching for prey. They will amaze you as they come flying onto the beach to hunt sea lions then retreat back into the water. September through March visitors can tour the Penguin Rockery, which has been growing since 2009 and is protected as a Punta Ninfas Wildlife Natural Shelter. This is just a handful of the activities El Pedral offers.

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