’s Special Places: Delta Camp

Where: The world-famous Okavango Delta is the home of this Special Place- Delta Camp is set on the Boro and Metsematsweu channels of the Okavango. What differentiates this place is their personalized safari experience and unique offerings. The Okavango Delta is the largest inland delta in the world where “dry land and wetland species cohabit, creating unique and startling associations of plants, amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles.” Big game is also found in the area, depending on water levels, such as elephant, leopard, cape buffalo, wildebeast, hippo and crocodile. We can thank the hippo for their engineering of the water-ways through the thick marsh and flood-plains.

What: Delta Camp offers twice-daily walking safaris and mokoro (handmade dugout canoes) excursions through the Moremi Game Reserve. Your comfortable chalet is en suite with hot and cold running water, a shower with a view, multiple areas in which to relax, mosquito netting and solar-powered electric lighting. You will not go hungry here. You can look forward to 4 meals a day – early breakfast before the morning drives, huge brunch, mid afternoon tea before the afternoon water excursions, and magnificent dinners flanked by cocktails and after-dinner drinks around the bonfire. And of course, we can’t forget the “sundowners” which is African cocktail hour held enroute during the afternoon excursions as the sun is setting on the Delta. Can you say spoiled?

Who: What makes your experience unique is the one-on-one approach of having your own private guide independent of other guests. You get to plan your day and don’t have to fit into a set schedule while at Delta Camp. These guides have a lifetime of experience living in the Okavango Delta and are well known for having eyes like a hawk or should we say African Eagle? Your guide will accompany you on all your excursions and introduce you to the dynamic ecosystems of the Okavango. Another offering that makes Delta Camp a Special Place is the opportunity for a 2-8 night extended, fully serviced and catered camping expedition by dug-out into the further reaches of the Okavango. Imagine feeling like you are in the middle of nowhere but with plenty of pampering from guides and camp hands? If you would rather stay closer to the lodge, you can’t top the Delta Camp treehouse. Pun intended!